In case you missed it: October is Non-GMO Month and Grainful has some great Non-GMO news about their Steel Cut Sides, but first…

What are GMOs?

GMOs stands for “genetically modified organisms” which means that the cells of a plant or animal have been genetically engineered to take on specific characteristics. The most common examples are when a plant is engineered to increase nutrients or to develop a resistance to insects. This also includes the food that animals may be fed at the farm.

The most common GMOs are soy, cotton, canola, sugar beets, Hawaiian Papaya, alfalfa and squash, though the list is not limited to those products.

The tricky part is that food manufacturers are not required to disclose if a product contains GMOs. (Though all organic products are prohibited to contain GMOs).

That’s where the Non-GMO project comes in. This organization lists products that are certified GMO-free. They’ve developed a verification process that requires ongoing testing of ingredients to ensure a product is in fact Non-GMO.

Here's what the stamp looks like!

Here's what the stamp looks like!

The organization tests high GMO risk ingredients and conducts audits to be sure everything stays non-GMO, that way you can rest assured that you know exactly what you are serving to your family.

Great news Grainful fans, Steel Cut Sides Madras Curry, Jambalaya and Tomato Risotto are all now Non-GMO project verified!

Don't worry, nothing has changed in the delicious recipes. The only difference is the little stamp on the label coming soon and the piece of mind knowing that there are no GMOs in your Grainful Frozen Entrees!