Meet the updated Grainful meal family: Steel Cut Meals, and three new flavors: Tuscan Bean & Kale, Thai Curry and Cheddar Broccoli. There might be some new flavors and new packaging for existing flavors (Vegetarian Chili, Porcini Mushroom Chicken, Unstuffed Pepper), but still bringing you the same goodness of oats for dinner. Check out some of the new faces and familiarize yourself with the new look to the Grainful classics. The new entreés and packaging will be hitting retail shelves starting in a couple weeks! 

NEW: Tuscan Bean & Kale 

Check out Grainful's contemporary twist on a comfort classic! Tuscan Bean & Kale combines Italian spices, kidney & garbanzo beans, chopped kale, diced tomatoes, garlic and 100% whole grain steel cut oats...yum!!

New: Thai Curry

Put down the take out menus and try Grainful's Thai Curry instead. This healthier option is packed full of protein and has a mild spice for a delicious Thai-style meal. The organic coconut milk blends perfectly with mild massaman curry, organic tofu and Grainful's 100% whole grain steel cut oats. It's also got green beans, baby corn and red bell peppers for a hearty, irresistible meal.

New: Cheddar Broccoli

Take comfort with Grainful's new fan favorite, Cheddar Broccoli. Soothing, creamy cheddar cheese and wholesome, protein-rich steel cut oats blended together with broccoli will satisfy your stomach and keep you full longer than other cheesy alternatives.



While it is exciting to introduce the new Steel Cut Meals flavors, let's not forget these classic Grainful dishes. The packaging may look different, but the goodness inside is still the same.

Porcini Mushroom Chicken

Grainful's Porcini Mushroom Chicken dish was inspired by the rich flavors and cooking techniques of Tuscan cuisine. Expect slowly simmered porcini mushrooms, Italian herbs, tender white chicken meat and of course 100% whole grain steel cut oats. All together an irresistibly creamy risotto-style entrée. 

Unstuffed Pepper

A playful twist on the stuffed pepper. The Unstuffed Pepper is inspired by the zesty flavors of the South West. Its got crisp green and red bell peppers, bold spices and all natural ground turkey meat combined with a rich texture from delicious whole grain steel cut oats. You’ll love the light kick in this delicious and hearty dish.

Vegetarian Chili

Vegetarian Chili is Grainful's take on the classic American staple. Smoky chipotle peppers bring out fiery flavors and are combined with bold chili spices, vegetables, quinoa and three types of beans. All served with Grainful's signature 100% whole grain steel cut oats and topped with sharp cheddar cheese. Our chili will keep you warm – even if it’s cold outside!

Not sure where to go to try Grainful's Steel Cut Meals both old and new? Find a store near you here. Then comment below or tweet at us (@Grainful) and let us know which one you and your family likes best!