Looking to try something new this Thanksgiving? Impress your guests with a deep fried Turkey! Done safely, a deep fried turkey can be a great addition to the table and fun to make too! Be sure to be follow all the safety precautions with this recipe to make your holidays safe and delicious!

Deep Fried Turkey

Turkey Frying (2).gif


You'll Need:

1 15 lb organic turkey

5 gallons peanut oil (need an oil that has a high smoking point specifically for deep frying)

30 Qt turkey fry pot kit


Prep 15 minutes

Brining 24 hours

Fry time 45-60 minutes

Serves 15 people with leftovers



Be Sure to Fry the turkey OUTSIDE and AWAY from your house.  Be sure the fryer stand is on a leveled area.  We used a piece of plywood to stabilize our fryer.  Doing it in a clearing on the lawn is also a good idea.

**Be sure your fryer and propane tank are on a steady platform so that it doesn’t wobble**

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How to deep fry a turkey:

1. Brine your turkey the night before.

2. Be sure to take your turkey out of the brine and allow to dry out before placing it in the fryer.

3. Place the turkey on the poultry rack that came with your fryer kit.  You want the head of the turkey to go into the fryer first.  It helps if you tie the legs together to keep the moisture trapped.

4. Most fryer pots come with a fill line-you do not want to add oil over the fill line or your pot will overflow and could cause a fire.  If your fry pot does not have a fill line, we recommend that you place your turkey in the pot and fill the pot with the water until the water is covering the bird. 

Chef's Tip: 
It’s ok if the tips of the legs are slightly above the water.  Then remove the bird to see where your fill line should be and make note (use a sharpie on the outside of the pot as a guide).  You can do this with the oil, it is just less messy.  Be sure to dry the pot completely before adding the oil to heat it up.


5. Once you have your fryer set up, be sure to have a 12” fry thermometer.  It is key that your oil is not hotter or colder than 360F before you drop your bird.



6. Place your turkey on the poultry rack with grab hook (we like to use a broom handle and put it through the poultry rack to lower the turkey into the oil rather than using the grab hook).  This will take 2 people. Be sure to cover the fryer.  If it is raining or snowing you want to trap the heat in and not have any moisture dropping into the oil.


Turkey Frying (6).jpg

Chef's Tip: 

A 15lb turkey will take about 45 minutes to reach an internal temperature of 165F.  Be sure the oil temperature is steady between 300-360F.  Using the thermometer, stick it in between the leg and breast cavity to get an accurate reading.  The breast always cooks faster than the legs, so do not use the breast to get a reading.

7. When the bird has reached 165F, close off the propane.  2 people can remove the turkey slowly, using the broom handle and have a sheet pan already placed on the ground.  This way you can easily place the turkey down.  Once the turkey is inside, remove it from the poultry rack and be sure it is resting with the breast side down and cover with tin foil.  The juices from the bird will flow back into the breast and keep them moist. 

After 10 minutes, you are ready to carve!