Antipasto for the Holidays

By Chef Sacco

Christmas has always been one of my favorite times of year. With my birthday being just three days before Christmas, my mom and dad would always make sure we celebrated my birthday as a separate event from Christmas (no one would “combine” my gifts as a birthday/Christmas gift).  Our holidays were filled with family, food, celebration, food, and lots of Italian neighborhoods competing with one another on who could cover more square footage of their home with holiday lights that were synced to blink to the beat of the Christmas Jingles blaring out of three-foot high speakers sitting on the lawn.

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One of my favorite traditions, to this day, is being in charge of the antipasto.  My dad would come home after shopping at the Italian deli with white paper bags filled with sliced meats, aged parmesan and provolone cheese, prosciutto sliced paper thin, roasted peppers (the real kind) and always a few loaves of Italian bread sticking out of the top (one usually missing the nub where my dad had been tearing pieces off to eat on the ride home).

Ever since I could remember, I was in charge of wrapping the prosciutto around sesame seed covered bread sticks –the big fat ones we would get from the bakery on Arthur Avenue.  To this day, I always volunteer to bring the antipasto to Christmas.  It is my favorite past time because it brings everyone together, around the table, to take a moment to relax, break bread, and eat….all day long. 

Antipasto can be whatever you make of it.  I love an array of salamis sliced paper thin, roasted peppers, and aged provolone cheese that stinks up the car on the way home from the store.  Grab a few slices of bread pile on some salami, sopressata, provolone, roasted peppers and of course top it off with some aged balsamic vinegar and you are in heaven.

Here is the version I made for the Grainful team!

You'll neeD:

Aged Balsamic Vinegar

Bread Sticks

Italian Braided Bread with Sesame Seeds


Photo Dec 03, 11 02 55 AM.jpg

Aged Provolone Cheese

Bocconcini Mozzarella Balls

Parmigiana Reggiano

Sweety Drop Peppers (little tear drop red peppers)

Kalamata olives

Red Cerignola Olives


Salame Secchi Fiore


Hot Soppresata


Genoa Salami

Prosciutto di Parma

The best part is creating a masterpiece with all these delicious ingredients. Enjoy! -Chef Sacco

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