What do all Grainful dishes have in common? Well yes, they’re delicious and all made with 100% natural steel cut oats, but there is one other component that you’ll encounter on any Grainful adventure… Onions!

Now, onions are often discriminated against because they’ve been known to cause tears and bad breath, but we don’t think that is fair. Onions have great health benefits and often are the key to the perfect dish. Don’t let your salsas, stir-fry or salads suffer, it’s time to stop crying over smelly onions and learn how to use them like a pro.



Onions can help facilitate detoxification and act as powerful antioxidants, stimulate responses and reduce inflammation?


There are many different methods that people swear by to avoid onion-crying in the kitchen. Here are a few that you might know and some others that you’ll have to try tonight! 


1.     Cut them right! (like Chef Sacco)

The most recommended way to avoid onion-cutting tears is to use a sharp knife and to cut the onion properly. Not only do these tactics help you work more efficiently (less time for tears) it also makes your meal prep a breeze! Check out Chef Sacco’s video to learn how to cut your onion right.

2.    Candle-lit Cutting

Bring a little romance to your onion prep and light a candle and set it near your cutting board. The sulfur will be drawn to the heat and away from your eyes. The closer the flame is to the onion, the better it works, but be careful of the open flame so you don’t trade those onion tears with burn-related tears!

3.    Chew Gum

Pop a piece of gum in your mouth. Why does this work? There are many theories supporting and disproving this method. Whether it be moving your jaw to produce vapor-absorbing saliva, or that it is forcing you to breathe through your mouth, it tends to work for some and not others.                           

4.    COVER UP

Ever heard of onion goggles? Well they’re real. Covering your eyes with goggles, glasses or contacts prevents the irritant from getting to your eyes and will give anyone around a good laugh!

5.    Cool ‘em down

Refrigerating the onion will slow down the cells that release sulfur, making it harder for those tear-producing vapors to get to you.

6.     Carb load your mouth! 

We also read that Clotilde from the blog Chocolate and Zucchini tested out one of the more curious methods: hold a slice of bread in your mouth as you cut. She says that the bread could absorb the irritants produced from cutting the onion before your eyes do.

Stop the smell

Now that you’ve become a master onion cutter (sans-tears), it’s time to conquer the next onion concern…the lingering smell. We’ve all been in that post-lunch, pre-meeting crisis when it seems like the whole neighborhood can smell your breath and that stick of gum just won’t do the trick. Now one option is to brush your teeth furiously, but here are few more creative options that Tammy from 719woman.com braved.

1.    Fresh Herbs

Next time you are out to dinner and wrinkle your nose at the sprig of parsley atop your meal, save it! Chewing on herbs after your meal is a great way to fight bad breath! Chlorophyll, which is found in fresh herbs, absorbs your mouth odors so that those around you won't have to!

2.    Apple Cider Vinegar

This is one of Tammy’s tested and favorite methods. She gargled 1/2  teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and a cup of water, which not only helped her breath, but also rid her of the onion taste stuck in her mouth!

3.    Fiber-rich Fruits and Vegetables

Fiber-rich foods like apples and berries contain natural enzymes to fight bad breath. They also promote saliva production, which helps wash away built up plaque.

4.     See more at MomsEveryday, including mustard, coffee beans and vodka!?

Onion obsessed

Eliminate crying? Check! No more stinky onion breath? Check! So now that you are able to welcome onions back into your life, and undoubtedly have tons of leftover onions from trying our tips, it’s time to go onion crazy! Check out some of these more unique onion recipes! Give ‘em a try and let us know what you think!

1.    Chocolate-covered onion rings
     Via The Choco-Aholic

Photo Credit: The Choco-Aholic

2.    Cocktail Onions (for Martinis)
      Via Saveur

                                               Photo Credit: Ted Coleman, via  Saveur

                                               Photo Credit: Ted Coleman, via Saveur

3.    French Onion pastry puffs
      Via Joy The Baker

           via  Joy The Baker

4.    Italian Sausage stuffed onions 
      via A Zesty Baker

        via  A   Zesty Bite

        via A Zesty Bite



                                                                                          Credit: Reader's Digest