The reign of the apple might be coming to an end, avocados are now center stage as everyone's healthy secret! Proven to have cholesterol-lowering abilities by the Journal of the American Heart Association, avocados are also known to squash hunger and are full of B vitamins, which help fight off infection.

Hmm... don't those health benefits sound a lot like the benefits of oats? High fiber and low glycemic indexes, avocados and oats are the new power couple called AvocadOats? OatAcados? 

We're still working on the couple-name, but in the meantime check out these great anytime avocado and Oat recipes!


Oat Burrito Bowl
via Closet Cooking

Tried all our oat-inspired Cinco De Mayo Recipes and still want more? Cue this delicious oat burrito bowl for a new healthy alternative to fatty burrito dishes.



California Avocado Oatmeal Cookies w/ Raisins
via California Avocado

Avocado cookies might bring on some skepticism, but don't knock it 'til you try it! You won't even taste the avocado in these sweet snacks, but your body will still be getting all the benefits, a win-win!



Savory Chia Oats
Via Hummusapian

Topping a dish off with a fried egg is all the rage right now. We've seen eggs on top of soup, salads, pizzas, and even on Anna Kendrick! So let your oats join the trend and top 'em off with an egg, like this recipe from Hummusapian. Bonus points for the addition of chia seeds that will keep you going all day!



Honey Avocado Oat Mask
Via Nutrition Striped

Tried all these delicious combinations and still have some avocados and oats to spare? How about you put it on your face! According to Nutrition Stripped, the avocado and all its Vitamin E, healthy fats and antioxidants, will help keep your skin smooth while the oats will both exfoliate and soothe your skin! What can't these super foods do!?



Need help with the avocado prep? Chef Sacco has you covered in the latest edition of grainful video Tips

Via "Grainful Video Tips: AvocaDos and AvocaDon'ts"


Love the taste and benefits of Avocados and Oats? Try some of these recipes and let us know what you think or share YOUR favorite way to enjoy the duo! Comment below or tweet us a picture @Grainful!