Earlier this month there was a secret Grainful photo shoot of some of the new things coming your way. We can't tell you much, but be sure to keep an eye out for Grainful Exclusives. What we can show you is a little about what these photo shoots look like behind-the-scenes! Click through below.


First someone cooks the delicious dishes that need to be photographed, then we gather round and vote on which bowl looks the best. A food stylist then comes in and prepares the food. This is an impressive art of arranging and mixing the dish so it looks just right and all the big ingredients are visible. After the food is ready for its close-up, our photographer snaps a ton of shots until it looks juuuust right. We work with Maggie Green Photography on shoots. These shoots tend to take some time, so we brought along Chester the dog to keep us company.

So, can you guess what the big news is? Comment your ideas below or tweet them and tag @Grainful!