In case you haven't noticed yet, we have upgraded our website! We wanted something to match the fresh new look of our brand and packaging changes.

The Homepage

Here is the overview of who we are and what Grainful represents.


Our Story

Learn about how Grainful came to be and how oats for dinner became our mission! Here you can also learn about our team and see us in action!



Learn about the ingredients and nutritional benefits of all the Grainful products.



Dig into each of our products and learn about their taste profiles and nutritional values. 



This is where you can purchase our Steel Cut Sides online!




Keep in touch with everything Grainful on our blog. We have so much to say and want to share it with you. Check out our new posts published  almost every week!

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Your search is over, here is where to find Grainful products near you!


Contact us

We love to hear from you! Email us with suggestions, praise :), or anything you want to share!


So head over to the site now and check it out! We are also having a sale on Steel Cut Sides online: 30% off every order placed online from 1/11/16-1/15/16.