We have been very busy here at Grainful, and we have some news for you!

Our packaging got a slight upgrade and Cheesy Oats got a makeover! It is now EVEN CHEESIER & has a new name: Homestyle Cheddar!

Check out the new & improved packaging!

Meal Kits

Formerly known as Steel Cut Sides, these dishes can be prepared solo by following the package instructions on the back or by adding meat, seafood or additional veggies to create a complete meal, which we highly recommend you try! Don't you worry...your favorite Jambalaya, Madras Curry, and Tomato Risotto recipes are exactly the same as always :)


Homestyle Cheddar

The new and improved Homestyle Cheddar is even cheesier than Cheesy Oats! It was already delicious, but we thought "why not make it EVEN better??" Indulge in this comforting classic that everyone will enjoy.

What's up with the name change? Well, we thought Homestyle Cheddar embodied the dish more and it rolls right off the tongue, don't you agree?



Frozen Entree Packaging Update

Coming soon... :)


Keep an eye out for the new look & Homestyle Cheddar coming to shelves near you & our online outlets in the next month! Not sure where to pick up your next Grainful product? Find a retailer near you here, or head to our Amazon storefront to have them sent to your door.