Meet Grainful's Operations Manager Michael Crawford and Brand Manager Emily "Pete" Peters. They both work in the Ithaca offices and went to college in Ithaca, NY.


Michael Crawford

Emily "Pete" Peters

Pete joined the Grainful team in June 2015 after she graduated from Ithaca College. She played lacrosse at IC and studied marketing communications. Before Grainful, Emily interned for a minor league baseball team and at a sports magazine in Colorado. She is from Baltimore, MD originally.

Michael started with Grainful in November 2014 just after graduating from Cornell University. He was a food science major and played on the sprint football team. Michael grew up about an hour and a half outside of Ithaca in Canadaigua, NY.


What is your role as Operations/Brand manager?

Michael: As the Operations Manager, I work to coordinate the logistical details that relate to sourcing raw materials, manufacturing sourced materials to finished goods, and transporting Grainful products to grocery stores throughout the country.

Pete: The goal of the brand manager position is to get a feel for all aspects of the business. Learning about all positions helps me to understand my strengths and interests and where I can best benefit the company in the future as we grow. I have my own projects, but I share a lot of team responsibilities such as merchandising and production activities.

What’s your favorite part about working for Grainful?

M: My favorite part about working for Grainful is that we have a great team of people. We all take a lot of ownership within our roles because we want the company to be successful. I think that fosters a great environment built on respect and trust, which allows us to work very well together and overcome the many challenges that we, as a small company, face everyday.

P:  Eating delicious food! Especially when Jeannine is cooking for development. There are so many new flavors and varieties of foods I never would have tried on my own. Before Grainful, I never would have eaten Thai food and now the Thai Curry is my favorite! I also think it has improved my pallet and I’ve learned to think more critically toward food and flavor.

What are your favorite activities to do in your spare time?

M: In my spare time, I enjoy being active. I like to run and play basketball. Also, I like going home to see my family or meeting up with my friends whenever possible.

 P: I love going to sporting events, especially locally in Ithaca. Between Cornell and IC there is always a good game to catch! I also enjoy going to the gym, cooking dinner and watching Netflix… usually in that exact order.

 If you were stuck on an island and could only eat one Grainful Steel Cut Meal and one Steel Cut Side flavor, which would it be?

 M: Porcini Mushroom Chicken & Jambalaya

P: Thai Curry & Tomato Risotto

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