So as you know, Grainful is dedicated to reimagining uses for oats to support a heart-healthy lifestyle. Oats are such a versatile ingredient. Yes, oatmeal is a very common (and delicious) use but how about Oat-Curry, or Oat-Chili? Now if you have tried Grainful's delicious Thai Curry, Vegetarian Chili, or any of our unique oat creations, you know that oats can be transformed into almost any dish and for any meal. Let's take it a step further. Ever thought about drinking oats? Or washing your hands with oats? Check out these unique uses for oats, and who knows, maybe one of them could turn into a new Grainful product line?!


Oat Flour Spaghetti from Your Lighter Side

Oat flour helps create this gluten-free, soy-free version of everyone's favorite dish. All you need is oat flour, eggs, oil, water, a pasta machine and a bit of time to get it just right. Trust us, it is worth the effort (and your waistline will thank us!) See the full recipe and instructions at Your Lighter Side.

DIY Oatmeal Face Mask from Michelle Phan

This simple DIY puts the anti-inflammatory properties in oats to use. It also is a great sun burn soother (bookmark this for the warmer months). This mask is proof that oats are great for the body, inside and out. With the addition of almonds and honey, you won't mind if a bit of it gets in your mouth! Find the directions here.

Whole Wheat Oatmeal Pancakes from Epicurious

Ok, you can still have oats for breakfast if that is your go to. But why not try them in this delicious pancake recipe? Your Sunday morning just goat a oat-y upgrade! Or, make them in advance and you can heat them up all week long, yum! Find the full recipe here.

Oat Milk from

This simple-ingredient (oats, milk, salt) recipe is a great switch up from traditional milk. With a bit of honey, it can be a sweet snack or delicious smoothie mix in. Head over to to check it out. 

Oat Soap from Free People

This homemade soap recipe is a great gift idea, but be sure to make a few extra because you will undoubtably want to keep a few for yourself! This recipe from Free People uses shea butter, which is great for moisture retaining during these dry months. The oat-side of the soap creates a non-irritating and moisturizing bar. You'll love making and using this homemade soap.


Your turn! How do you use oats in new and exciting ways? We want to hear all about it. Comment below or send us a tweet @Grainful.