Description: New item fees structured either as a dollar amount or free product.

Allowance: A free fill is automatically authorized at all new accounts.  Anything over a free fill or the dollar equivalent of a free fill must be pre-approved.  Note - exception is for conventional East accounts where 150% free fill is automatically authorized.

Slotting is a large expense for our company and does not add value to the brand or sales of the product.  We want to strive to leverage our relationships with buyers to reduce slotting so that we can reinvest in trade promotions and marketing efforts to drive sales.

At this stage in our business it is very risky to pay high slotting without any sort of guarantee on shelf placements.  In cases where we will spend over a free fill allowance, it is critical that we work with buyers to ensure that products are set in the agreed upon number of stores for an agreed upon time period.  Negotiating the slotting to be paid over a year or more will also help in this effort.

Trade spend

Description: Trade spend includes TPRs, scans, OIs/MCBs, ads/circulars, and coupons.  Trade spend does not include shipper displays, social media, or other marketing efforts.

Allowance: ALl accounts are allocated a 20% trade spend allowance.

Demo Policy

All demos must be pre-approved.  Demos are not the most effective way to sell our products.  Demos will only be permitted in special circumstances when a buyer requires demos.

Case stack deals available depending on the region.  Contact for more information.

Case Stacks

Below are links to the Grainful 2017 Distributors promotion schedules.  Please note Grainful is only running promotions through UNFI and Unified Grocers.  In 2017, there are no promotions running through KeHE.  All promotions will be run directly with retailers.

Distributor Promos