Made with real ingredients that harness real nutritional benefits. For real!

Say bye to preservatives. Grainful products are packed full of the unparalleled nutritional benefits of whole grains. Not only are they delicious, but 100% nutritious as well.  No need to sacrifice nutrition for taste. We bring you the best of both.


First and foremost, we value great tasting food, and even further we value nutritious and real food. Not only are all of our products gluten free certified, contain no GMO ingredients, and Whole Grains Council certified, but they are chock-full of healthful nutritious content. 

We start off with super grains including oats, quinoa and sorghum. They are all high in protein, an excellent source of fiber and heart-healthy nutrients. We then layer on delicious vegetables and proteins and finish it off with chef-crafted bold sauce variations.

We do not use any preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors in our products. We simply use delicious, clean ingredients. From the green peppers to cheese; everything is 100% good for you.

All of our products are low in calories and high in protein and fiber. Nutritious, delicious, homemade food is what everyone deserves, and that's what you'll get from our products.

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We source the highest quality non-GMO ingredients we can get our hands on!

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gluten free

All of our products are gluten free certified. 

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100% whole grain

Every one of our products is made with at least 18 grams of whole grains in every serving.

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Made with zero artificial colors or flavors. 

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Our products are full of important nutrients and minerals to keep you healthy. 

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High Protein

The proteins in grains mesh with those in beans and other plants to form complete proteins to fuel your day!

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HIGH Fiber

Minimal processing of whole grains retains the outer bran which contains a fiber-rich layer loaded with minerals and B-vitamins.

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High levels of ß-Glucan in grains reduce LDL cholesterol, thereby improving heart-health.

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Grains release glucose more slowly and steadily so they keep you feeling fuller longer and provide sustained energy.