We are on a mission to provide handcrafted goodness through grains.



Hi, we’re Grainful!

We’re obsessed with sharing the goodness of grains. Our roots are in Ithaca, a small town in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York known for its local farms, sustainable and independent lifestyle, and adventurous trails and gorges. We embody the same free spirit as Ithaca, so there’s no giant corporation making our decisions—just a small, passionate team crafting amazing, affordable meals made with gluten-free whole grains.

Grainful Founders, President Jan Pajerski and Chef Jeannine Sacco

Grainful Founders, President Jan Pajerski and Chef Jeannine Sacco

Why grains? We’re glad you asked!

Whole grains provide the perfect foundation for creating chef-crafted meals inspired by global cuisines. Grains are full of fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that produce sustaining nourishment and energy. Grains are simply the best! (Can you tell we’re a little biased?)

Grains have been fueling humans for thousands of years, but along the way, something changed. Grains became more processed and the focus shifted to making them faster and cheaper. The goodness that was there in the first place - nutrients, texture, and flavor - was lost. At Grainful, we’re bringing back the culinary craftsmanship established over generations by making our food in small kettle batches to keep all the wholesome goodness inside.

Reach for us whenever you need a convenient, healthy, and delicious meal to power your everyday adventures!